What is a single family home?

What defines a single family home? A single family home is also called as single detached dwelling because it does not share any internal or external walls with any other buildings and is separated from them. These are called as single family home because the house is occupied only by one single family. Single family homes are built in much larger space than the building itself and consist of garages, horse stables, and even swimming pools. As the housing facility has a large area around it, it can be expanded whenever desired. As these houses are located away from the city and do not have any building around it, it provides complete privacy. Hence, it serves as a good option for all types of people including retirees and old people.

After having worked a major part of their life, people look forward to retiring in a peaceful environment away from tensions and burdens. Living with children is also not possible, as they by the time growing up and have their own family. For this reason, people start planning their retirement well ahead in advance. They look for a housing facility where they can live and enjoy their hobbies and interests; something which they couldn’t do their entire life.

Retirement homes are a good place to spend post retirement years, which is a housing facility made only for retirees or senior citizens. As people only above a certain age group are allowed to live in such housing facility, a retirement home is also often called as age-restricted homes. These homes are largely preferred by retirees owing to the facilities provided there, that makes the life of seniors easy and comfortable. Some of the facilities provided here include meals, recreation, medical facilities, etc.

A retirement home also gives an opportunity to the seniors to spend their life with like minded people of the same age group. Thus, they can understand each other in a better way. Moreover, retirees can also engage in the recreational activity and can take part in social work. Retirement homes, therefore, promises to make life a celebration for the seniors.

Though retirement homes are a good option for the elderly, there are a large number of retirees who instead prefer a different type of home called as single family homes. A single family home, also called as a single-detached dwelling, is a free standing residential building separated from other houses. The major highlights of such homes are that it is a detached building occupied only by one family and has a large open space around it.

Many single family homes also have a yard, a garage, a horse stable and a swimming pool; thus, taking the luxuries and comforts to a new level. The best advantage of such houses is that there is no disturbance there as it does not share walls with any other houses. Moreover, the large space around these houses provides the option for expansion. Thus, if the need arises, one can easily expand a single family home to cater to one’s needs.

A single family home is preferred by seniors as well as young people. It not only has all the facilities intact but also has a peaceful ambiance. Thus, such homes can be the best choice for those people who look for comfort as well as convenience

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How to choose the right neighborhood for your family

A neighborhood is like a person’s extended family and basically choosing a neighborhood is just as important as choosing a home. Everyone wants to live in a neighborhood that is very safe, free from crime, affordable and generally provides you with everything you need. There are three major steps that you can follow to choose a neighborhood that is right for your family.

1. Have a list of what you want in your neighborhood.

To be able to choose a neighborhood that is right for your family, you have to first have a list of preferences that would constitute a good neighborhood. What leisure activities does your family like to participate in? If you have a preference for outdoor activities then the availability of parks, museums, swimming pools and malls will be at the top of the list. The same way you have what you want in your neighborhood you can also put in mind what you do not want to in the neighborhood.

2. Zoom in on the options you have
If you are looking for a neighborhood within the same city, you probably have some places in mind. If not, you can research on the internet and it can help you narrow down to some areas you might want. Research can involve various techniques that can help you to narrow down on the options you have.

a) Take a look around and talk to people
This is the best technique rather than relying on information from someone else. While taking a look around you ought to look for warning signs. Small reactions from people like smiling often represents a friendly and safe neighborhood. Are there many abandoned houses and vandalized places? This often represents that an area is prone to crime.

b) Availability of social amenities
If you have children, the basic thing is a school and for that matter a well maintained school. How close is the school to the home? Is it safe for the children to walk? These are some of the questions you ought to ask yourself. For instance; some amenities like hospitals are very vital and they ought to be close to the home in case of emergency.

c) State of infrastructure and transport
Good roads are a sign of a good and developed neighborhood. This is a plus if you travel a lot or if your work requires a lot of movement. In this case, airports and good roads will be an advantage.

d) State of security
You can observe the places at different times of the day and see how people carry themselves around. You can also talk to the police department in the area to confirm if the area is safe or not. Technology has also made it easier in that you can search about the area on the internet and get the crime rates.

e) Value of housing and cost of living
One has to have a certain budget on how much you want to spend. You can talk to real estate personnel to find out the prices of the houses in the neighbourhoods. If they go hand in hand with your budget, then that is a go ahead. You also have to find out about any future developments. If there is any sign of future development, then the prices are likely to change and you have to be prepared for that. The value of the houses will also enable you to know if the area is for the people with high incomes or not and if you can keep up with the cost of living or not.

After looking at these major factors that ought to be considered and also your list of preference you will have cancelled some areas that are not enticing enough. The last step is purchasing the house or if the options you had did not satisfy your preference you can follow the steps again until you get what you love.

A home and the neighbourhood go hand in hand; for you to have a happy home you have to have a happy surrounding which is your neighbourhood. The neighbourhood can affect the growth and personality of a person especially your children thus much effort ought to be put in finding a good neighbourhood just as much as is put in finding a home. •



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